OrganicKidz FAQ's

Q: What is BPA? Are your bottles BPA Free?
A: All organicKidz products are BPA free. BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical that is added to plastic in order to make it stronger. BPA has been linked to a number of health concerns including endocrine disruption, some types of cancers, attention deficit disorder and increased risk of heart attack.

Q: Are your bottles free of PVC’s and Phthalates?
A: All organicKidz products are free of PVC’s and Phthalates.

Q: Will my child get a metallic taste in their mouth when drinking from stainless steel bottles?
A: Bottles made of lower quality metals can result in the fluid in side getting a metallic taste. organicKidz uses only the best quality 304 18/8 stainless steel for our products. This is the same stainless steel that is used in kitchen and hospital equipment and will not taint the contents.

Q: Are there other advantages of stainless steel that I should be aware of?
A: 304 18/8 stainless steel has a number of advantages over plastic, glass or aluminum including:
 Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and will not break down
 It will not shatter, and expose your child to potentially dangerous shards
 Stainless steel will not leach harmful chemicals when heated
 Unlike aluminum, it does not need a liner to protect your children from potentially harmful elements
 Stainless steel is easy to clean and does not require strong chemical cleaners
 Stainless steel will not scratch thereby preventing potentially harmful bacteria to
hide in your child’s bottle

Q: How do I sterilize the bottles?
A: organicKidz bottles are naturally bacteria resistant. To sterilize, use only a steamer and remove the bottles once they have cooled by the threads. This will help to maintain the designs.

Q: Are organicKidz bottles dishwasher safe?
A: organicKidz baby bottles are dishwasher safe on the top rack. We do recommend hand washing as this will increase the longevity of the designs.

Q: Can I put the bottles into the microwave?
A: No. Stainless steel is not recommended for a microwave

Q: How do I heat my organicKidz bottles?
A: All that is needed to heat your organicKidzTM stainless steel bottle is a glass of hot water. You can also use a bottle warmer.

Q: I am concerned that the stainless steel will get too hot for my child.
A: Unlike glass or plastic, stainless steel immediately matches the temperature of the bottle contents. This means that simply by holding an organicKidz 4oz/125mL or 7oz/210mL single hulled bottle you will know if the liquid inside is too hot for your child. Stainless steel will also cool down faster after cleaning or sterilizing, making it ready to use faster.

Q: How do I know how much liquid is in my stainless steel bottle?
A: There are two ways to keep track of the amount of liquid in your organicKidz bottle.  All organicKidz baby bottle lids are a 2oz/ 60ml measuring cup. This is ideal for
measuring and mixing formula.
 The 4oz/ 125mL and 7oz/210mL bottles have a scale stamped on the side of the bottle. If you pour 2oz/60mL of warm or cool liquid in the bottle, you will feel warmth or coolness at the 2oz/60mL line. The scale can also be seen on the inside of the bottle.

Q: Do organicKidz bottles work with other nipples?
A: All organicKidz bottles come with nipples and replacements are available at your local organicKidzT retail store. However, many name brand nipples are compatible. For more details please visit our website

Q: My lid is loose – is this okay?
A: Yes. All of our lids are made of stainless steel. A function of stainless steel is that it expands when cold. If your lid is loose, place it on it’s side on a flat surface. Push down gently until you get the desired fit. If you push to far, simply turn the lid around and push down again.

Q: Are all of your bottles thermal?
A: organicKidz is proud to have the world’s only thermal baby bottle in our 9oz/ 270ml narrow necked bottle. Liquids will be kept hot or cold for over 6 hours.

Q: My bottle ring broke, can I still use my bottle?
A: BPA is a chemical that is used to make plastics stronger. Plastics without BPA can be more susceptible to breaking if thrown or dropped on a hard surface. organicKidz replacement rings can be purchased from your local organicKidzTM retailer.

Q: Does organicKidz offer a sippy cup as well?
A: Our bottles convert to a sippy cup when your child is ready. Simply remove the nipple and replace it with an organicKidzTM sippy spout. Your child will still be using the same drinking container they did as a baby, so the transition to a sippy cup will be easier. Sports spouts are currently in development. Our goal is to provide you with a bottle that will grow with your child from birth to toddler and beyond.

Q: Are organicKidz bottles recyclable?
A: Yes, our bottles are made from stainless steel, so they are 100% recyclable. However, because they are stainless steel, they can be passed down to other children and won’t need recycling!