Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Lupi Lu fit my toilet?
The Lupi Lu has been made to fit any standard Australian toilet.
Toilet pans have 2 holes for securing the toilet seat. In most toilets these holes are 150-156mm apart. The fixing bolts on the Lupi Lu run along a channel that allows them to be adjusted to fit holes ranging from 125mm up to 170mm apart.
You will also require a space of at least 70mm between the holes in your toilet pan and your cistern. This is to allow the toilet seat sufficient space to rest against the cistern when lifted. If the gap is any smaller than this, the toilet seat lid may not stay up.
Note: The fixing bolts are offset and can be turned in 4 different directions to ensure the best possible fit to your toilet.
Please refer to the spec drawing for detailed dimensions.

How do I install the Lupi Lu?
1) Simply unscrew your existing toilet seat.
2) Remove the Lupi Lu from it’s box and insert the supplied bolts into the the tabs at each end of the fixing channel.
3) Place the Lupi Lu toilet seat down onto the toilet pan, ensuring the bolts go through the holes.
4) Place the supplied washer and nut on the bolt and tighten.
5) Fix the end caps onto the fixing channel.
PLEASE NOTE: Detailed instructions are included with the Lupi Lu.

Are all the hinges soft close?
No. The soft close hinge operates for the adult seat and the entire lid section (including the toddler seat). The smaller toddler lid has it’s own hinge which is not soft close.

Does the Lupi Lu come with a warranty?
Yes, the Lupi Lu comes with a 12 month warranty against any manufacturing faults.

Renting or moving house, can I take the Lupi Lu with me?
The Lupi Lu can be easily removed if you need to move house. Just keep your old toilet seat when you remove it and screw it back onto the toilet pan once the Lupi Lu is removed.