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2 in 1 High Chair!

Creative design bringing innovation, style & an environmental approach to the baby industry!

Available in 6 great colors: raspberry, portobello, blueberry, carrot, chocolate and aspargus.
This 2 in 1 high chair is a dual-height, evolutionary chair that provides secure seating for youngsters aged six months to six years. Streamlined, easy to use and highly practical, it s a stylish addition to any modern interior.

With a simple swivel, HiLo turns from highchair to under table toddler chair. In its’ high position, the HiLo fits under the kitchen bar counter. In its’ low position, it allows toddlers to sit safely and securely at any standard-height table without a booster seat.

The moulded seat ensures secure, comfortable seating for both babies and toddlers without the use of a cushion. The HiLo has been designed with hygiene and easy cleaning in mind – it has no cavities or moving parts in which food can accumulate.

The plastic material of the seat contains no BPA, PVC or phthalates and the wood varnish is water-based, making this high chair totally worry free for parents. The HiLo chair is a Canadian design following a natural approach and has been created as a recycable, eco product – so is fits the bill perfectly for those environmentally conscious parents.

Product information:
- Light weight construction and extra resistant nylon wheels for easier manoeuvrability

- Moulded plastic seat offers comfortable seating for both babies and toddlers without the need for a cushion

- Seat has a non slip surface and is desgined to be very easy to clean

- No cavities or moving parts on the seat for food to accumulate

- Feedback sound when the seat is locked into place for added security

- 5 point harness and crotch bar for added safety

- No BPA, PVC or pthalates and a water based wood varnish makes this high chair super safe and worry free for parents

- Designed to be a recycable product

- Easily removable tray with soft touch surface and anti spill design

- Foldable chair legs to minimize storage space

- Solid timber chair frame adds natural beauty as well as durability

- Suitable for 6 months to 6 years

- Weight of assembled chair 9 kg / max weight capacity 50kg

- Additional cushion accessory also available separately