Product Review - Flexi Bath folding baby bath tub

From the Danish company A Real Cool World comes a hard plastic, foldable bathtub for babies and toddlers. The Flexi Bath is the same size of an average baby bath and does not contain any harmful materials – even the packaging is made from recycled paper. After use, it folds flat with a simple touch of your hand.

The award-winning Flexi Bath resolves storage concerns – it can fit against the wall, in a cabinet, under the bed… the Flexi Bath, in its folded state, can fit just about anywhere! Since the Flexi Bath does not have a wide rim around the top, like most other tubs, it appears to be smaller, but this is only an optical illusion. Once filled with water the Flexi Bath expands to hold up to 39 litres and accomodates a toddler up to the age of 4.

The FlexiBath comes in 6 funky colours and features a non-slip bottom and surface. Free of PVC and other hazardous materials, the Flexi-Bath is comfortable, healthy and environmentally responsible.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark.