Lupi Lu Dual Toilet Seat

The Lupi Lu is a fantastic product that is a must have item for everyone with small children. Clever in design, it is a toilet seat to meet all your family’s needs. You simply replace your normal toilet seat with the Lupi Lu which has separate toddler and adult seats integrated into the one unit. Both the toddler and adult seat have the added benefit of a soft close hinge.

The Lupi Lu is helping parents reduce clutter of adhoc attachments which need to be removed and replaced when other members of the family need to use the toilet. Because the Lupi Lu is fixed to the toilet pan it also eliminates the problems of inserts and other attachments which can move or pinch, making the child feel unsafe of scared of using the toilet.

With the need of swapping out temporary seats elimated and with no nasty crevices to trap germs, when it comes to hygene the Lupi Lu is way ahead of the alternatives.

Designed to fit all standard Australian toilets, the Lupi Lu really is a toilet seat for the whole family.

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