Heat anywhere… anytime! The BambinOz Bottle Warmer

Heat anywhere… anytime! The BambinOz bottle warmer pack provides instant heat with no batteries or electricity required. Leveraging a technology which has been used widely in the sports medicine, camping and fishing industries, the pad provides an instant heat source that is reusable over and over. The heating pad contains a solution of water, a food grade sodium acetate (a form of salt) and a stainless steel disc . When you bend/flex the disc, this starts a chain reaction where the solution begins to crystallize and generate heat lasting up to an hour. Once the pad cools, simply immerse in boiling water for 5-10 minutes or until the solution becomes completely clear. The bottle warmer pack also comes with an insulated carry bag to keep liquids warm or cold until ready to use.

Key Features:
•Gel Pad heats instantly
•Completely safe & non-toxic
•Simple one step click and heat
•Re-use hundreds of times
•Fits most bottle sizes and shapes
•100% microfibre carry case
•Environmentally friendly spill-resistant lining and zipper
•Completely portable – use it anywhere
•Independently tested
•Accredited and approved by the Infant Nursery Products Association of Australia (INPAA), Inc.
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Instant Bottle Warmer Pack includes insulated carrier and 1 heating pad. Additional heating pads are also available

Carrier Dimensions: L 22cm x H 10cm x W x 8 cm

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